Light Sport Aircraft Pilot Training Courses

Light Sport Aircraft Pilot Training Courses

Boundless Aviation is an ICON Flight Training Partner (IFTP) with two ICON Authorized Flight Instructors (IAFI). We are based at Greenwood County Airport (KGRD). Boundless Aviation is the only certified ICON Training Partner in the entire southeastern US, instructing exclusively in the “A5.” Additionally, you can request a DEMO ride to further your interest in receiving ICON A5 Instruction and also if you decide to purchase a new A5, Boundless Aviation can assist you.

Our Location

Greenwood County Airport is an ideal location for all the requirements for ICON Training. Lake Greenwood is just four miles from the airport. It is an 11,400-acre freshwater Lake with 200 miles of shoreline. This lake is excellent for training all water and air operations, including ramping and beaching.

Greenwood County Airport has two paved runways. Runway 27-09, 5001’, which can handle RNAV, LPV, and VOR approaches, and Runway 23-05, 3600’. A grass landing area is also available.

Greenwood County Airport is accessible via commercial flights from Greenville/Spartanburg, Charlotte, or Atlanta.

Greenwood County Airport

Our Courses

Licensed general aviation and student pilots will receive professional training via our courses, enabling them to earn the required “LSA – Seaplane” endorsement in the ICON A5.

The ICON courses that we offer include:

SFI: Sport Flying Introduction

This is an Introduction to ICON sport flying. It is designed to provide experience in flying the A5.

Flight Time: 1 hour (estimated)

SPL: Sport Pilot License

A complete course for aspiring pilots. The end qualification will be the Sport Pilot Certificate with an endorsement for LSA-ASES.
Flight Time*: 37+ hours (estimated) including LSA-ASES.

TX-L: Transition Landplane

This is a transition course for certified landplane pilots who do not hold privileges for seaplanes. Pilots will be endorsed for LSA-ASES.
Flight Time*: 8 hours (estimated)

TX-S: Transition Seaplane

This is a course for certified pilots who hold rating privileges for seaplanes. Pilots will be qualified for aircraft checkout and sign-off.
Flight Time*: 4.5 hours (estimated)

*Proficiency-based advancement, actual hours may vary

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