ICON Training Courses

Comprehensive Training Course for Aspiring ICON A5 Pilots

Boundless Aviation offers courses that are intended to train pilots who want to fly the A5 from ICON Aircraft. Our training courses are developed to educate trainees on how to get the most from the A5 in a unique operating environment.

Our Courses

Sports Flying Introduction (SFI)

This is an introduction Flight (Demo Flight) to ICON sport flying. The SFI is designed for those interested in the A5 and all it’s capabilities and features. Flight time is estimated to last for an hour.

Sport Pilot License (SPL)

The SPL is a complete course for aspiring pilots. The end qualification will be the Sport Pilot Certificate with an endorsement for light sport aircraft-single engine sea (LSA-ASES). As per the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), the minimum flight time is 20 hours. It is determined that additional flight time is necessary for an SPL signoff, it is usually estimated to require an additional 7 hours of instruction.

A5 in facility use this one

Transition Landplane (TX-L)

With an estimated eight hours of flight time, the TX-L is a transition course for certified landplane pilots who do not hold privileges for seaplanes. Pilots will be endorsed for LSA-ASES after completion.

Transition Seaplane (TX-S)

This transition course is available for certified pilots who hold rating privileges for seaplanes. After completing this, pilots will be qualified for aircraft checkout and sign-off. The course has an estimated flight time of 4.5 hours.