Who We Are

Recreational Aircraft Training by Experienced Instructors

Boundless Aviation was established to provide instructional Single Engine Sea Plane training services, specifically for the ICON A5 aircraft. We are located at the Greenwood County Airport (KGRD). As an ICON partner, we strive to provide the same outstanding service that earned them a stellar reputation in the industry.

Features of Our Location

At Greenwood County Airport will be a future planned Boundless Aviation Reception Building. Inside, the students are received and signed in. Here, you will also find a lounge and the training room. This is where you will meet and greet the instructor. The initial ground school will take place in a friendly, relaxed environment.

The Greenwood County Airport (KGRD) provides two Runways. Rwy. 27/09, 5001 Feet with two Precision & two Non-Precision Approaches. And Rwy. 23/05, 3600 Feet. In addition, Commercial Flights are available to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (KGSP), located just North of Greenwood, 58 Miles.

Located just three miles east of the airport is Lake Greenwood. It is an 11,000-acre lake, and it serves as an ideal place for training via water operations. On the other hand, Greenwood County Airport is convenient for land operations training.

Bob Butler Owner & Operator of Boundless Aviation, personally owns an ICON A5 for his flying pleasure. He constructed a beautiful climate controlled, state of the art building on the southern end of Lake Greenwood, home for his A5. He welcomes any visitors to come visit the facility.

Greenwood Hotels are within close proximity of the airport. If you ever need one, there are available car rentals, including Enterprise Rent-A-Car or The Hertz Corporation vehicles.


Who We Train

Boundless Aviation prefers to train only “Transitional Pilots.” These are those who already have their General Aviation (GA) or Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) License. However, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and/or General Aviation Flight Training is available as well, which, after completion, allows them to transition to A5 training and sign off to Single Engine Seaplane (SES) good to fly the A5

Why Train With Us

The ICON A5 is “FUN TO FLY.” At Boundless Aviation, “WE MAKE IT FUN TO LEARN.”

Aside from our top-notch facilities, we have instructors who have multiple hours flying in the A5. This has made them proficient with the aircraft, allowing them to expertly train aspiring pilots. Under the leadership of the owner-operator of Boundless Aviation - Bob Butler, we have created a systematic training process that allows each of the courses to be conducted efficiently.

If you would like to inquire about or schedule our instructional training, please fill out our contact form today!

Dock looking out lake

Lake Greenwood Stats:

Size: 11,400 Acres
Length: 20 Miles
Shoreline: 212 Miles
Full Pond Elevation: 440 ft MSL
Maximum Depth: 69.3 ft (SCDHEC)
Mean Depth: 21.8 ft (SCDHEC)